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Works-in-Progress, Experiments, Hack Competition Submissions

This page links to the various works-in-progress, experiments, hack competition submissions, and other miscellaneous web-based projects I've done.

Currently playing (v1)
Currently playing (v2)
Currently playing on various digital or online radio stations (Triple J Unearthed, Triple J, Radio 4KQ, Radio 97.3 fm, ABC dig Music Radio, ABC Jazz Radio, ABC Country Music, Radio Nova 106.9 Radio).
Brisbane Public Transport
Public transport points around Brisbane.
Javascript implementation of the Comoko peg game.
Australian Coins
A collection of Australian coin illustrations.
Queensland State Library Hackfast Submission
This is a simple web app displaying images from the state library, where each photo includes a list of similar photos.
Movable Object experiment
Simple shapes that can be moved.
Convert OPML to csv using javascript.
Relationship Graph
Represent relationships in a graph.
Roulette implemented in javascript.
Text manipulation
Play around with text.
combination generator
Generates combinations of three words starting with 'cute girl +'.